Voltaic has a Par-Tee with some Mini Golf!

Grab your nine irons, it’s time for some Mini Golf! Last Saturday players from all around the world joined in to play Mini Golf in the Mesa Desert, an event coordinated by Vtorak Rastomysl, where each player had a chance to win some very exciting prizes.

The game started out well, with players taking it in turns to throw their Golf Balls into the hole. Clearly a difficult course meant some were unable to complete each round and opting for the dreaded 10 points. Amazingly, only one hole-in-one was scored.

‘An amazing event’ Cracklefang, 45, told us in an exclusive interview. ‘I just wish there were more phantoms’.

After all the excitement the points were tallied, Axel scored third with 38 points, Leeloo was second with 36 points. But in first was the head developer himself, WhatsADev scoring 35 points.

After the event we caught up with some players.

‘It’s clearly rigged’ said one anonymous player. ‘How comes three staff members were in the top three? I call b*******!’

With all that excitement we’re looking forwards to next weeks event, which some say may include a visit to an ancient city!