IP : play.VoltaicMC.com

About Us


16+ Community & Greylist

We’ve got an amazing mature community, That also has a strict whitelist app to keep immature people out!


Reliable Server

We have a dedicated server to keep you playing minecraft with no interruptions!
(Daily restarts at 8am and 8pm EST)


Hermitcraft Style

Voltaic is best compared to the likes of Mindcrack and Hermitcraft in terms of our expectations of quality, respect, maturity, and community.


Rules of Voltaic

#1 : No Griefing or Stealing, Breaking blocks or destroying other peoples builds or stealing from others is not tolerated.

#2 : All exploits and client modifications are prohibited unless listed below.
Allowed Exploits/mods :
| TnT-duping is allowed
| Bedrock breaking is allowed
| Optifine, Litematica, Map, Cosmetic mods.
| Ask staff for approval of any other mods.

#3 : No PvP or Pranks unless both parties AGREE.

#4 : Politics, religion, and race matters are not allowed on the server.

#5 : No sexual talking/harassment of any sorts on Discord or Voltaic.

#6 : Dual logging is temp ban along with partial item forfeit. Alts are to be only used for video capturing purposes.

#7 : Treat everyone with respect

#8 : If you have a build with > 100 hoppers, you must notify staff.

#9 : Large Perimeters need to be decorated, we don’t want big ugly holes everywhere.

#10 : Artificial chunk loading is prohibited.

#11 : Limit your animals/mobs to 50 per chunk.

#12 : Absolutely no drama allowed. Got issues with someone? Dm Staff.

#13 : Any build left vacant for over 60 days is free game. DM staff for approval!

#14 : Keep your nicknames to your ign

#15 : Do not make “bases” or claims in the spawn area

#16 : Do not use litematica to schematic someones build without permission.

#17 : No overworld gold farms

#18 : Our servers AFK-timer is set to 30minutes for all players, don’t try and bypass the timer. Thanks.

What’s different than vanilla?

– Mobs have a chance to drop their heads upon death!
– Shulkers will always drop two shells.
– A sleep plugin that gradually makes it day.
– Dynmap, A overview map of Voltaic vast wildlife. (Does not include Nether/End/Caves)
– Voltaic has a World border that is set to 5K, This is so we can expand instead of reset the map!
– Voltaic has Griefprevention and Coreprotect in case a bad guy escapes through the whitelist!
– Wandering traders trade block heads.

How do I join the server?

In order to be a part of VoltaicMC you will have to join our server and fill in a
application format ingame. Below this you’ll find a few steps that you should follow:

1. Join our server, IP: play.voltaicmc.com | Server Version 1.20.4
2. Have a look around, check out the surroundings.
3. Read through our rules using the command /rules.
4. It’s now time to fill in your application, start your application by typing /apply. You will now be prompted questions, now fill in your answers in the chat!
5. Now, once you’re finished with your application a moderator will be notified and they will have a look at your application as soon as possible!
6. Take this time to join the discord.


All rights reserved | Copyright © 2021 | VoltaicMC

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